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Welcome in the 1.5m economy. An economy that asks for great flexibility and creativity. 

We understand, it’s a crazy time. There will be pressure on your budgets. And you probably wonder if it’s safe to make videos at all. 

Not to worry, producing lean & mean has always been in our DNA. Getting the most out of what’s available, with a can-do attitude, not losing sight of your creative and our craft. And with the same chill attitude we are known for. We know how to make great content with the bare essentials while keeping it safe and sticking to the rules.

Safety & health first. That goes for our clients, the crew, talents on set, and any members of the public that might be at the locations where we shoot.

  • Most importantly, we take a look at your concept and how we can translate it into a workable and producible script and approach. 
  • We follow all the government guidelines at all times, including social distancing..
  • We arrange a livestream so that creatives & clients can follow the shoot from another location. 
  • We’ll make sure that everything that needs to be touched by multiple people is cleaned throughout the day.
  • Everyone on set will have their own personal catering box.
  • Etc…