We are filmmakers, ad men, music lovers and hashtag heroes – but above all, we are storytellers. We help agencies and brands tell engaging stories and reach the right audience. Turning viewers into clients and scrollers into brand ambassadors. Because we earn their attention, in exchange for meaningful content. Story based. Human centered. Social driven.

Story Based

From childhood onwards, people learn to understand the world through stories. The fairytales from your childhood. Vacation pictures. Your friends’ tall tales. Telling your partner about your day. The films and documentaries that make you laugh and cry. Horrifying or heartwarming news items. Binge-worthy Netflix shows you just can’t get enough of. Every piece of the world we try to understand, we fit into a mold with a beginning, middle and end. Every day, we create stories, and we seek them out. That is why CLIFF’s content is story-based. There is great power in stories. A good story makes you see the world differently, teaches you empathy, makes you a better person.

Human Centered

CLIFF helps brands tell their stories. Beautiful stories with people at their core. Stories with heart. Stories that are human-centered. To us, good (video) content is the perfect marriage between film and advertising. No useless timeline fillers just because we can, just because it’s brightly colored and moves – but stories that affect you, because the people in it move you, make you think, laugh, or even shed a tear on a packed city bus. People don’t give their attention away easily these days. CLIFF wants to deserve your attention, and once we have it, we don’t want to waste it. In return for their attention, people deserve an emotional journey, whatever the emotion.

Social Driven

People live a large portion of their lives digitally these days. The social media community is limitless in both current scope and future potential. Online, you have the world at your fingertips. Your brand’s stories could reach anyone, anywhere. That’s why our stories are social-driven. CLIFF holds people at their core of our products, but also at the core of our approach to creating those products. A personal approach, and a get-things-done mentality. We will always strive to make the most of every brand’s message, to achieve maximum results even if the means are minimal. Because, well, we really love making films an telling stories.
Does this sound like a tall tale? You tell us.